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When it comes to deciding where you’re going to advertise your business online, the list of options is becoming increasingly large and diversified! And, if you’re looking to pay for your traffic, you want to make sure you choose a source that will help you reach your target customer. Why? You can craft the perfect marketing message for your business, but if you don’t get it in front of the right audience, you’ve wasted your time and money!


For most Wedding Businesses, I recommend advertising on Facebook because:

  • 99% (if not all) Wedding Businesses have a Facebook Page (if you don’t have one – get one!)
  • The ad platform on Facebook is generally easy to use (which is fantastic if you’re an ad newbie)
  • Your target market is easy to find on Facebook through the very detailed targeting options available
  • With over 2.2 Billion monthly active users on Facebook, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect customer hanging out on Facebook.

The other fantastic thing I love about advertising on Facebook – not only are you generating leads and sending traffic to your website or sales page but you are gaining increased visibility for your Facebook Account. So, your return is not just in converted sales, but also in brand awareness and followers.


Most advertising platforms including Facebook use algorithms that take into account many variables to get you the best results possible and create the best experience for the person clicking on your ad. Factors such as….

  • Your budget
  • Your targeting options
  • Your ad objectives
  • …and much, much more all go into the equation.

You could almost get a degree in how to run the perfect Facebook Ad Campaign, but without overwhelming you, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 areas you can work on now to start getting better results from your Facebook ad campaigns.


If you ask most Wedding Business Owners, they would describe their target Facebook audience as:

  • Women or Men
  • Aged somewhere between 23 – 37
  • With a relationship status of Engaged

Yes, that very generally describes the majority of people getting married, but it’s not necessarily going to deliver your target customer.

The beauty about advertising on Facebook is that you’re not limited to refining your target market just based on simple demographics. If ‘anyone’ knows what you like and don’t like – Facebook does!

They also know a lot about what you do when you LEAVE their site. Thanks to that cool little thing called the Facebook Pixel, Facebook can track most of your online activity. In short, Facebook can collect a huge amount of data about its users…and the information is accessible to you as a marketer of your business.

[Watch out for my upcoming Article on How To Use The Facebook Pixel]

TOP TIP: Drill down as much as possible when defining your target audience. Make sure you don’t overlook detailed targeting options that help you find the EXACT person you want to buy your product, for example:

  • Geography: Are you targeting people in certain states, towns or even postcodes?
  • Family Status: Does your perfect customer have children? How old are they?
  • Friends: Are you running a campaign for Friends of Engaged People? (yes, you can do that!)
  • Interests: Pages they like related to your product, hobbies and activities that pique their interest, do they have pets?
  • Behaviours: Do you want to target mobile device users? What about people who like to shop online?


We are bombarded by advertising everywhere we go, and I don’t know about you, but I have a very short attention span when it comes to giving my time over to reading an Ad in my newsfeed. Wasted words, or an extraneous description is just one more reason for people to stop reading and move onto the next post.

Once you understand WHO you are targeting, you need to work out how to get their attention. What’s your message? Why should people want to take up your offer?

TOP TIP: Keep your message simple and relevant to your target audience – be very clear on the ‘value’ you are offering your customer.

You need to be able to very concisely explain the benefits of your offer to be able to sell it. A great way of doing this is to start with a question that grabs your audience’s attention, then compel them to answer the question in their head…(usually with a Yes!)

Want to know how to create and market an irresistible offer? Yes! (see what I did there?…hehe)

Using this technique then gives you the opportunity to immediately follow up with the benefit of your product or service, and solve their problem.


Facebook gives us a raft of options when it comes to how we can display imagery for our ads. Whether it’s single images, image carousels or even video, for a business in a creative market like the Wedding Industry, the look and feel of your imagery is paramount.

Your images have two important jobs:

  1. They are a visual representation of the message that you are portraying to your customer
  2. They are a trust-building mechanism with your brand

Put thought into what images/graphics/video you choose. The goal of your ad is more than just to catch someone’s attention. It’s to catch the RIGHT person’s attention and portray a message to them that they find relevant enough to take action.

TOP TIP:  Invest in professional photography/videography (or graphic design) of your service or product. If you are just getting started, good quality royalty-free images that accurately represent your message are a very reasonable alternative until you have the opportunity to arrange photography of your own products or services.


A lot of people have no idea how much money they should be spending on their advertising campaigns – the reason – they don’t understand 1. What they are trying to achieve and 2. What their end result should be.

Spending is going to vary depending on:

  • Your Ad objective. Are you aiming to get traffic to your website? What do you want your customer to do once they are there? Are people buying directly from your Ad? Are you aiming to get likes on your page?
  • How much you are willing to spend to get a lead or conversion.
  • How much you make out of a conversion.

For example: A Photographer aiming to get people to their website to make an enquiry about their photography packages might know that for every 10 enquiries they get, they are able to convert 1 to a sale. And, on average, their customers spend $3000 with them per booking.

How much would you pay to make a $3000 sale? $10? $50? $100?

Once you have worked this out (and it’s going to be different for every business), you then need to monitor your Ads to see how much your clicks are costing you and then how many people who click on your Ad are actually enquiring through your website.

The handy thing about setting budgets in Facebook Ads is that Facebook will give you an idea of how many clicks per day you can expect to get for your budget.

TOP TIP: When you’re starting out, keep the budget low. I’m talking $5 dollars a day. Monitor how your ad is performing, see how much your leads are costing you and if you are getting people to convert. If it’s working, increase your budget. WARNING: throwing more money at your ad is not necessarily going to get you better results!

If you get nervous, just turn the campaign off until you are able to review and tweak your audience, targeting, images, ad copy and even the URL you are sending your customers to, then start it up again.

I’ve only just scratched the surface on this topic (and I’ll be adding more blogs and tools for you to use) but getting just these 4 things right can completely change the results of your campaigns.

If you’re brand new to Facebook Advertising and you just want to dip your toe in the water, start with boosting a post on your page. This will allow you to practice some basic targeting for as little as a few dollars.

For those who have some deeper experience on the topic, start creating some Ad Sets based on different audience segments. See if you can come up with more specific targeting elements and write different Ads, using varied images and messaging for each type of customer you are targeting. I’d love to hear about your results!


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