An Article by Jarrad Bayliss

First impressions Count: You don’t want to be “swiped left”

We’ve all heard the experts say that it takes only 3 seconds for a person to make a first impression.  That’s not a lot of time to create a connection, but just enough time for that other person to decide you’re….”meh”.  As humans we are wired to analyse information at a rapid rate, which means we take next to no time in making an assessment of what we see before us.

What does this mean for us in the Wedding Industry?  If we make a good first impression, we get access to the next round so to speak, but a bad first impression = game over.  In a very short space of time that other person has decided whether or not you are a) Someone they want to spend time with and b) Someone who can solve their problem.  And we’re not just talking about those potential couples who are looking to book you, this goes for the impressions you make on other wedding professionals working alongside you.  Don’t forget – everybody is watching!

Nailing your first impression can lead to bookings, referrals, smashing reviews and the start of strong relationships and friendships with your customers and those that you work with.  Get it wrong, and you’ll be left wondering why you’re not getting leads, converting your enquiries or being referred by others in the industry.

Have you ever thought about ALL the places and chances you have to make a fantastic first impression?  I’ve listed a few here for you to review how you’re doing in each of these areas:

  • Your Website
  • Your Email Responses
  • How you manage phone calls
  • Your branding material like business card, flyers, etc
  • Your advertising campaigns both printed and online
  • Your social media business pages and personal profiles
  • How you manage ‘in-person’ catch-ups with both customers and other wedding professionals
  • Your presence on the job

As you can see, there are many ways people can find you, make decisions about what kind of person you are, where your brand and services fit in the ‘pecking order’ and whether or not they want to do business with you.  Have you got all of these areas covered?

So how do we improve our chances of making a good first impression?  Here are the things I make sure I have on point to give me the best chance of nailing my first impression:

  • Pictures and video on digital platforms are high quality, professional and accurately represent me and my brand positioning
  • Any printed materials show a consistent brand and are high quality
  • My interaction on Social Media is carefully considered and my personal ‘branding’ matches my business branding
  • I respond promptly to enquiries and always look to help solve a problem
  • I always turn up with a positive attitude and a big smile whether it’s to a meeting, a networking event or I’m on the job
  • I offer assistance where I can to my couples and to those I work with

And my last tip – if you’d like feedback on whether you’re nailing your first impressions, ASK!  Ask your couples why they chose you.  Ask your colleagues what they think you do well and what you can improve.  Ask an expert what they know works. Ask people in your target market what it is they are looking for when booking your type of service…then make sure you do it!



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