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What’s it all about?

Community Support

There is a serious amount of talent, knowledge, experience and expertise rolling around this crazy industry we’re in…let’s use it!  Got a question?  Let’s find the answer.  Wanna celebrate a win?  Let’s help you celebrate.  Just need to know you’re not the only one? We assure you, you’re not!

Connect & Collaborate

Relationships are everything when it comes to the Wedding Industry, so let us help you create more connections that are going to work for you and your business.  We have members from all across Australia, so get chatting!

Educate & Inspire

We’re going to hit you with the best tools, tips, advice & motivation that we know WORKS when it comes to building your business…but it’s not just about what we know.  We invite you to share your experiences to help and inspire those businesses around you to raise the bar collectively and support positive change in our industry.

The Rules

No Sales or Spam

This is a safe space for learning and support so any Sales, Commercial, Spammy posts or links to other groups will be deleted!

No Negative Posts

Hey, everyone gets annoyed, right? But here’s not the place to vent your frustrations! Keep it positive, supportive and fun. Any posts or comments considered negative or defamatory will be deleted immediately.

For Wedding Professionals

This Community is all about helping build successful Wedding Businesses, so you MUST be a Wedding Professional working in the Industry or building your new Wedding Industry Business.

Be Excellent to Each Other

Be respectful, have integrity, be authentic and have fun with your engagement.  We have lots to share and learn, so educate and grow together.  Everything in this group is confidential, so make this a safe space for everyone to contribute to.

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