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Who is behind My Wedding Business?

You are going to be introduced below to several individuals who, in their own right, have achieved some pretty amazing things in the Wedding Industry.

They have been agents for change, innovators and leaders, thinkers and planners, but most importantly doers.

Everything these individuals have been involved has been solely focused on achieving one objective, to create a better industry. One that is respected for it’s creativity and talents. An industry that gives opportunity to those willing to take it.

These professionals have a wealth of experience to offer, which is why My Wedding Business was created.

Sure, there are many associations and groups out there supporting the industry, and these all have their roles.  But the individuals you are about to meet are here to make a difference that hasn’t been seen before.

They are real, honest and they care.

We are a team of true professionals who are focused on creating  positive change in the lives of small business owners in the Wedding Industry

Jarrad Bayliss

Jarrad Bayliss

Man on a Misson........or five.

From the moment Jarrad first entered the Wedding Industry as a Marriage Celebrant, it was obvious, he was going to be make a difference. In 5 short years, over 700 couples had booked his services, he had received several awards including Twice voted Most Popular Celebrant in Australia and become a preferred supplier by some of Australia’s best Wedding Venues. His commitment to quality has seen him excel at the premium end of the industry and his knowledge and expertise has been highly sought after by a large number of wedding businesses.

Not bad considering two months prior to becoming a Professional Celebrant he was serving in Afghanistan with the Australian Army. After a distinguished career spanning 17 years with Australian Defence Force, Jarrad decided that the Wedding Industry was where his passion to help others would be put to good use.

“I have always believed that you need to work hard to succeed, however, the level of success depends on how smart you work.”

An expert in Planning, Analysis and Strategic thinking, he has used these skills to effectively build several of his own successful businesses in the Wedding Industry and helped many others grow their dream businesses through the professional development workshops he runs.

Marlene Murray

Marlene Murray

“All you need is love - and care, and understanding, and respect, and professionalism and …….!”

Marlene is a well recognised leader within the Wedding Industry having represented the Sunshine Coast on many panels, boards, tourism bodies and on a Mayoral delegation to China…..and for those that know her, she is the lynchpin in the Management Team that has taken the prestigious Maleny Manor to 6 wins for Number 1 Wedding Ceremony Venue in Australia and over 48 individual awards since 2003 for excellence as a Wedding Venue (Australian Bridal Industry Awards).

Her experience in the industry is almost unrivalled, being responsible for every aspect of running a top-end wedding venue, managing teams, and being hands on at every level of executing a wedding.  After 20 years of adapting to the ever changing Wedding Industry and always being at the top of the game she is used to delivering the impossible.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best – It’s one of my favourite quotes! I love seeing people happy and delivering amazing experiences.  Being a part of this ever morphing industry and helping others is all the enthusiasm I require to get me out of bed in the morning.”

Marlene is an engaging and honest speaker delivering talks for various groups and organisations.  Her experience and intimate knowledge of the industry is invaluable and her openness, generosity and drive to always raise the bar has inspired many Wedding Businesses around her to be the best that they can be.

Kristen Bayliss

Kristen Bayliss

Creator, Designer & Bulider of Change

The hidden talent and secret weapon of the team with an exceptional eye for detail and style is Kristen Bayliss.

Starting her career as a university graduate in one of the world’s largest Global Consulting Firms, she has a 10 year background in running I.T. focused, multi-million dollar Business Improvement projects and brings with her finely tuned and ‘on-the-money’ strategies when it comes to direction and innovation.

Her move into the Wedding Industry came in 2013 when husband Jarrad returned from serving in Afghanistan, and the pair decided to make a life change by leaving their careers and moving to the Sunshine Coast.  With Jarrad firmly solidified as a go-to Celebrant on the Coast, and Kristen just moving out of new-mum stage she was keen to get her business building brain back to work.

Over the last 4 years, Kristen has been busy building and growing her own Wedding Businesses including Pash & Dash – Australia’s fastest growing Premium Small Wedding & Elopement Company and The Sunshine Coast Wedding Expo, known for being the must-see, premium expo on the Coast.

Along with her own projects, she has helped countless businesses in her local industry with everything from website design & development, marketing strategy & execution and providing professional business support.

” I love seeing people excel in what they were made to do! I’m very lucky to be in a position where I can use my technical knowledge and experience to help others with their businesses. I love being creative and as official “turd-polisher” (as I’m affectionately known by my husband!) I take great joy in seeing something go from concept to ‘knocking-it-out-of-the-park’ successful”

Kristen is the one you want on your startup team so that you will glow and grow at every stage. Combine that with a heart of gold and a work ethic that not many could match and you have a dynamo of intuition, talent with the ability to make it happen.

Simon Murray

Simon Murray

'Dedicated to finding the best solution - for everybody!'

For the last 40 years, Simon has dedicated himself to the hospitality industry since leaving school and becoming a professional chef.  His experience has spanned from restaurant setups, venue infrastructure management to menu creation and running entire profesional kitchens & staff.

Simon flourished within the industry and upon meeting Marlene, the choice became clear on not only beginning a personal life together but also creating a hospitality based business life together!  After 10 years (long ones if you ask Marlene) creating and running multiple business in hospitality, the dynamic duo of ‘Simon & Marls’ moved into top end Management of Maleny Manor, Queensland.

“We stumbled upon the wedding industry by accident really, but once we found it, there was no looking back!  As well as creating a business that continues to excel in it’s field, I enjoy the spontaneity, happiness and good cheer a wedding brings.”

Together, Simon & Marlene have taken Maleny Manor to 6 wins for Number 1 Ceremony Venue in Australia and over 48 individual awards since 2003 for excellence as a Wedding Venue (Australian Bridal Industry Awards).

Simon is our ‘Mr Fix It’. Someone who stays cool under pressure and always finds a solution to a challenge.  His dedication to continuously serving others at the highest level of quality has solidified his reputation as someone who ‘knows his stuff’ when it comes to running a high-end, successful business in the Wedding Industry!

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